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Having a proper IT strategy can be a major competitive advantage

We help small and medium-sized businesses develop their individual IT strategy, saving money and increasing efficiency in the long term.

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  • You are busy running a company with 50 or maybe 300 employees. You’ve taken care of your IT so far by yourself and you might have an internal team or an external partner that keeps things running for you. But you never really planned for the long run and it just doesn’t make sense to hire a permanent, senior IT person if you only need them a quarter of the time.

    And if you are honest, you don’t really know if you are utilising technology to its maximum – at the right cost.

    If that sounds like you, we should talk.

  • We like it simple. We will not try to impress you with a big car or overly complicated documents.

    What you can expect is an honest proposal – we look at what you have, see if we can help and tell you what you can expect from us as an outcome.

  • It’s not rocket science to analyse and improve your environment, but it goes faster and you get better results when you use a professional to help you decide what the next step should be.

    Your IT is important. We know that. And we have many years of experience reviewing, designing and implementing technical strategies that solve business needs and help them innovate. Whatever industry you work in – we will most likely have experience in it.


Our range of services will help your business become more efficient and competitive; we kept it high level but are happy to discuss your individual situation and establish the best route forward

IT governance

IT governance sounds rather abstract – but effectively it is just about giving you the means to plan your IT roadmap.
You probably wondered already which project you should focus on first. Or what brings you the most value.

We will help you define and implement a model which help you to answer exactly those (and more) questions by yourself. The result? Decision-making becomes faster and you will be able to justify and plan your expenses better.

Project & portfolio management

There is no magic trick for making a project a success but there are methods and tools that can help streamlining the process.
We have many years experience executing large projects with budgets in the millions. Our experience and the methodologies we use ensure your project does not become your worst nightmare.

Swiss Army knife?

Sadly there is no universal strategy that applies to every company, there are just too many variables for a 'one size fits all' approach. But together we can create your individual strategy that will make your organisation leaner and more efficient.

The goal is to design the strategy that best fits your organisation, its capabilities and goals. In order to achieve this, we usually walk through three stages with every customer

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Yes, we have one. But we'll save you the marketing speech and keep it simple.
What we believe in:

  • Working together with customers. Honestly.
  • Every company should have an IT strategy. And that it has to get adjusted over time to evolve with your needs.
  • Inspirational thinkers that make you look at everyday situations with a different perspective (Rework by Jason Fried, The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, Systems Thinking by Jamshid Gharajedaghi – no, we are not affiliated with them!).

Who are we?

A Quarter IT was founded by .
Was it really necessary to start yet another consulting company? We thought so.

Technology is changing rapidly, it’s difficult to keep up with all the changes that are happening. At the same time the need for staying up to date in order to be ahead of your competitors is ever increasing as well.

And that’s where we come in. We will be there to ensure that you can spend your time focussing on running your business – while we take care of planning and implementing your IT strategy.

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